Embracing What I Love

If I close my eyes and focus without any distraction or noise, I remember being about seven, back when we still lived in our duplex on Midway Road. My mom worked full time, and we were home only for a little while by ourselves after we got off the bus. Normally, my sister Adrianne and I would play Barbies, but often, I really just enjoyed being alone drawing or reading in our room or at the kitchen table. I used to dream up screen plays before I even knew there was a name for that kind of thing and I’d draw scenes for books without realizing that was a profession that people actually got paid for. I just loved it and couldn’t stop dreaming up funny scenarios and drawing pictures to go with them. (One of my favorite things to do was to “draw” what I saw when I heard songs on the radio.)

I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I knew it had to involve writing or drawing. I remember wondering if people got paid to name crayons, but that’s a different topic altogether. I’ve kept a diary since I was about 8 and I’m embarrassed when I re-read my diaries from high school. To say I’ve grown up a lot is an understatement.

So, even though I’ve had a lifetime love of art and prose, why do I still have an invisible shield keeping all the good stuff from being seen? I don’t even know that I’ve put it out there for anyone to see…it gives me joy to create certain drawings, but I don’t think anyone else will like them. I know that is sounds ridiculous to think these things now, but everyone has their insecurities…right?

Enter the image in this post. I’ve drawn the female figure hundreds of times. I know I’m not quite perfect at it, but I have always LOVED it. I love drawing the clothes, the expression, the pose, and most of all, the hair. Yes, the hair is FUN for me, I get to experiment and make it do things my fine, straight hair will not do.

Jorge and I attended a career seminar at church a few weeks ago. I mostly went for moral support, but ended up taking so much more back with me. After the eight hour day, I realized I am already doing what I love and what God sent me here to do. I am in my right career zone. I am doing what makes me happy, but to stay sane, I still need to let go, and not have so many reservations when it comes to SHARING why I love what I do. I hope that it will inspire someone else to take the leap into what they love.

Sharing this painting with all of you is a significant, although quiet step for me. I promised myself and my readers that when I launched this new blog in January, that it would be somewhat of a more free-flowing expression from me. I am ready to do that now. I hope you guys will continue to join me here where I will share more stories, more art, and more soul. Because goodness knows I need it. Enjoy your weekend! xo Angelica

About Angelica

I'm Angelica - a young mom, business owner, coffee lover, mind wanderer and mess maker with too many interests to count. Although I lead a busy life, I still find time to create everyday. If my hands aren't stained with ink, I'm cruising along in Illustrator or doodling in a sketch book. Visit me on Twitter or Facebook to follow my latest obsession. I'd love to get to know you!


  1. I love reading your thoughts and I am so glad you shared your painting. It’s wonderful. I love the clothes, her hair, and her beautiful eyes. You are so beautiful inside and out! Love and hugs, Janice

  2. Such a wonderful post…your painting is really wonderful….you have such a talent…thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Amyscats says:

    Congratulations on taking such a BIG step, Angelica! I think we all are often afraid to share our innermost creations because it’s really putting yourself out there, exposing so much about yourself. This is a post I’ll think of often, very insightful and I can certainly relate, and your painting is wonderful. Hope to see more of her in your posts Good for you!. xo

  4. Carol E Brooker says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your painting. I’m new to following you and can’t wait to hear and see what is going to come up next.

  5. Gorgeous and I love her updo:-)

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